End of Season Update 2015

Ok. This hasn't been updated in a while. Let me explain. I'm really sorry this hasn't been updated in so long. Its the end of the season now and I've now had time to sit back and realise how busy life has been since the last photo update of the NZ ODI in June. But its for a good reason, don't worry! The biggest news of this season, and part of the reason why I've been so busy, is that I've been working with the Lord's Taverners a lot. I have a contact with them and I've been given the photographer role for several games and fundraising events they've done over the summer. Including far flung places like Wormsley, the Honorable Artillery Company Ground in London, Lord's, all over the place. The Lord's Taverners are a brilliant charity and if you don't know who they are, check out their website and Facebook page. You'll find some of my snaps on there too! As a result, I haven't been to see much county cricket in the latter half of the season, and when I have it's been great to sit back and relax and just enjoy a day out watching cricket and not necessarily photograph the game for my own records. So.....sorry! However, in amongst all that, I did have a very enjoyable few days in Canterbury watching the England Women play Australia. It was another ground to tick off the list and a really lovely break from the normal to go see some friends and have a great few days to myself. It was much needed, even if it meant catching a very very early train on a wet Tuesday morning! I took lots of photos of both the cricket and my morning in Canterbury Cathedral, and I will get those uploaded soon. I also spent a day at Merchant Taylors watching the Middlesex Women in a t20 double header with Surrey and Berkshire, which again was a great day because I don't get to see the Middlesex Ladies very often. Also to, again, see people and spend an enjoyable few hours watching cricket in the sun. Photos, as always, to follow when I get round to it. I think that's it for the moment, I'm sure I've forgotten something else from the past few months. I want to get the video diary idea back up and running but I've felt with the Taverners gigs I've been asked to do, it wasn't appropriate to walk around with a camera pointing at my face talking to it rather than what I was asked to do. I'm going to try and post a bit more on here over the winter, rather than just leave it until the start of the next season. Thank you all for your continued support and kind words about this blog and the photographs, it really means a lot! Liz x