About Me

Me.jpg Liz Duncalf - that's me! I was born and still live in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, and briefly lived in Hamburg, Germany for a few years when I was very young. I graduated from the University of York in 2011 with a degree in archaeology, which I can sum up as three years hanging out with nerds in a pub, sometimes digging up bits of Yorkshire and, just occasionally, writing some essays. But it was a lot of fun and York is a simply gorgeous city to spend three formative years in. Which, of course, all led to getting a job for 13 months as a sort-of archivist at an internationally renowned and recognised sports venue. I had 6 months work experience and then another 7 months full time work after I graduated working for the Marylebone Cricket Club in London, which I wrote a little more about here. I now work part time in a supermarket, funding a cricket and photography habit. So now, I'm trying to take my photography more seriously, it having been a hobby for a very long time. I'm also a big cricket fan, if it wasn't already obvious, and thus most of the work featured here is to do with cricket. The occasional bits of other things and a few blogs here and there. Welcome, have a look around and tell all your friends. Twitter Contact: liz@lizduncalf.co.uk